Fluent Plugins

Plugin Name gem name & version Author About # of Downloads
mongo fluent-plugin-mongo 0.7.3 Masahiro Nakagawa MongoDB plugin for Fluentd 38634
rewrite-tag-filter fluent-plugin-rewrite-tag-filter 1.4.1 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Output filter plugin. It has designed to rewrite tag like mod_rewrite. Re-emmit a record with rewrited tag when a value matches/unmatches with the regular expression. Also you can change a tag from apache log by domain, status-code(ex. 500 error), user-agent, request-uri, regex-backreference and so on with regular expression. 38275
secure-forward fluent-plugin-secure-forward 0.1.8 TAGOMORI Satoshi Message forwarding over SSL with authentication 24406
td fluent-plugin-td 0.10.18 Treasure Data, Inc. Treasure Data Cloud Data Service plugin for Fluentd 23173
forest fluent-plugin-forest 0.2.4 TAGOMORI Satoshi create sub-plugin dynamically per tags, with template configuration and parameters 22869
scribe fluent-plugin-scribe 0.10.12 Kazuki Ohta, TAGOMORI Satoshi Fluentd input/output plugin to handle Facebook scribed thrift protocol 21661
s3 fluent-plugin-s3 0.3.7 Sadayuki Furuhashi Amazon S3 output plugin for Fluentd event collector 19868
elasticsearch fluent-plugin-elasticsearch 0.3.0 diogo, pitr ElasticSearch output plugin for Fluent event collector 18479
rewrite fluent-plugin-rewrite 0.0.12 Kentaro Kuribayashi Fluentd plugin to rewrite tags/values along with pattern matching and re-emit them. 16361
flowcounter fluent-plugin-flowcounter 0.2.0 TAGOMORI Satoshi Plugin to counts messages/bytes that matches, per minutes/hours/days 16253
config-expander fluent-plugin-config-expander 0.1.5 TAGOMORI Satoshi This plugin provides directives for loop extraction 15884
datacounter fluent-plugin-datacounter 0.4.3 TAGOMORI Satoshi To count records with string fields by regexps (To count records with numbers, use numeric-counter) 15779
couch fluent-plugin-couch 0.6.1 Yuri Odagiri CouchDB output plugin for Fluentd event collector 15647
growthforecast fluent-plugin-growthforecast 0.2.7 TAGOMORI Satoshi For GrowthForecast, see http://kazeburo.github.com/GrowthForecast/ 14998
numeric-counter fluent-plugin-numeric-counter 0.2.2 TAGOMORI Satoshi Counts messages, with specified key and numeric value in specified range 13019
webhdfs fluent-plugin-webhdfs 0.2.2 TAGOMORI Satoshi For WebHDFS and HttpFs of Hadoop HDFS 12965
file-alternative fluent-plugin-file-alternative 0.1.5 TAGOMORI Satoshi alternative implementation of out_file, with various configurations 12082
parser fluent-plugin-parser 0.3.2 TAGOMORI Satoshi fluentd plugin to parse single field, or to combine log structure into single field 11916
tail-multiline fluent-plugin-tail-multiline 0.1.5 Tomohisa Ota Extend tail plugin to support log with multiple line 11456
dstat fluent-plugin-dstat 0.2.5 Shunsuke Mikami Dstat Input plugin for Fluent event collector 10064
tail-ex fluent-plugin-tail-ex 0.1.1 Yoshihisa Tanaka Extended tail input plugin 9999
record-reformer fluent-plugin-record-reformer 0.2.8 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to add or replace fields of a event record 9224
numeric-monitor fluent-plugin-numeric-monitor 0.1.7 TAGOMORI Satoshi Fluentd plugin to calculate min/max/avg/Xpercentile values, and emit these data as message 8311
zabbix-simple-bufferd fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple-bufferd 1.0.0 Katsuhiro Miura Output data plugin to Zabbix 7776
ping-message fluent-plugin-ping-message 0.1.1 TAGOMORI Satoshi for heartbeat monitoring of Fluentd processes 7543
pghstore fluent-plugin-pghstore 0.2.2 WAKAYAMA Shirou Output to PostgreSQL database which has a hstore extension 7511
notifier fluent-plugin-notifier 0.2.2 TAGOMORI Satoshi check matched messages and emit alert message with throttling by conditions... 6000
map fluent-plugin-map 0.0.4 Kohei Tomita fluent-plugin-map is the non-buffered plugin that can convert an event log to different event log(s). 5946
mysqlslowquery fluent-plugin-mysqlslowquery 0.0.5 taka84u9 Fluent input plugin for MySQL slow query log file. 5750
grepcounter fluent-plugin-grepcounter 0.5.4 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to count the number of matched messages, and emit if exceeds the threshold 5747
grep fluent-plugin-grep 0.3.3 Naotoshi Seo fluentd plugin to grep messages 5733
keep-forward fluent-plugin-keep-forward 0.1.7 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to keep forwarding to a node 5538
sns fluent-plugin-sns 1.0.2 Yuri Odagiri Amazon SNS output plugin for Fluent event collector 5533
munin fluent-plugin-munin 0.3.2 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Input plugin to fetch munin-node metrics data with custom intervals. It supports all of munin plugins. 5433
mysql fluent-plugin-mysql 0.0.7 TAGOMORI Satoshi fluent plugin to insert mysql as json(single column) or insert statement 5378
tail-asis fluent-plugin-tail-asis 0.0.3 TERAOKA Yoshinori fluentd input plugin, whole line read into single key, no regexp used, fast 5279
flume fluent-plugin-flume 0.1.1 Muga Nishizawa Flume Input/Output plugin for Fluentd event collector 5268
mail fluent-plugin-mail 0.0.5 Yuichi UEMURA output plugin for Mail 5236
datacalculator fluent-plugin-datacalculator 0.0.6 Muddy Dixon Output filter plugin to calculate messages that matches specified conditions 5123
splunkapi fluent-plugin-splunkapi 0.2.0 Keisuke Nishida Splunk output plugin for Fluent event collector. This plugin supports Splunk REST API and Splunk Storm API. 4941
growl fluent-plugin-growl 0.0.5 TAKEI Yuya Growl output plugin for Fluent Event Collector 4940
record-modifier fluent-plugin-record-modifier 0.1.3 Masahiro Nakagawa Output filter plugin for modifying each event record 4918
sqs fluent-plugin-sqs 1.2.2 Yuri Odagiri Amazon SQS input/output plugin for Fluent event collector 4913
metricsense fluent-plugin-metricsense 0.2.4 Sadayuki Furuhashi MetricSense - application metrics aggregation plugin for Fluentd 4743
hoop fluent-plugin-hoop 0.1.4 TAGOMORI Satoshi This plugin doesn't support Apache Hadoop's HttpFs. See fluent-plugin-webhdfs. 4716
sampling-filter fluent-plugin-sampling-filter 0.1.3 TAGOMORI Satoshi fluentd plugin to pickup sample data from matched massages 4651
flatten fluent-plugin-flatten 0.0.8 Kentaro Kuribayashi Fluentd plugin to extract values for nested key paths and re-emit them as flat tag/record pairs. 4647
dynamodb fluent-plugin-dynamodb 0.1.11 Takashi Matsuno Amazon DynamoDB output plugin for Fluent event collector 4640
amplifier-filter fluent-plugin-amplifier-filter 0.1.5 TAGOMORI Satoshi plugin to increase/decrease values by specified ratio (0-1 or 1-) 4637
redis fluent-plugin-redis 0.2.0 Yuki Nishijima Redis output plugin for Fluent 4600
udp fluent-plugin-udp 0.0.1 Abhishek Parolkar This input plugin allows you to collect incoming events over UDP instead of TCP 4483
redis-counter fluent-plugin-redis-counter 0.3.2 Buntaro Okada fluent-plugin-redis-counter is a fluent plugin to count-up/down redis keys. 4450
kestrel fluent-plugin-kestrel 0.2.2 Junichiro Takagi fluentd input/output plugin for kestrel queue. 4344
ikachan fluent-plugin-ikachan 0.2.4 TAGOMORI Satoshi output plugin for IRC-HTTP gateway 'ikachan' (see: https://metacpan.org/module/ikachan and (jpn) http://blog.yappo.jp/yappo/archives/000760.html) 4286
anomalydetect fluent-plugin-anomalydetect 0.1.6 Muddy Dixon detect anomal sequential input casually 4282
forward-aws fluent-plugin-forward-aws 0.1.7 Tomohisa Ota Fluentd In/Out plugin to forward log through AWS(S3/SNS/SQS) 4098
extract_query_params fluent-plugin-extract_query_params 0.0.8 Kentaro Kuribayashi Fluentd plugin to extract key/values from URL query parameters. 4096
cloudwatch fluent-plugin-cloudwatch 1.2.6 Yusuke Nomura, kenjiskywalker Input plugin for AWS CloudWatch. 4037
http-enhanced fluent-plugin-http-enhanced 0.0.4 Abhishek Parolkar Enhanced HTTP input plugin for Fluent event collector 3822
snmp fluent-plugin-snmp 0.0.8 hiro-su Input plugin to snmp 3820
norikra fluent-plugin-norikra 0.1.2 TAGOMORI Satoshi process events on fluentd with SQL like query, with built-in Norikra server if needed. 3797
cassandra-cql fluent-plugin-cassandra-cql 0.0.5 obie quelland Fluent output plugin for Cassandra via CQL version 3.0.0 3533
calc fluent-plugin-calc 0.2.0 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to calcucate statistics in messages 3496
mysql-query fluent-plugin-mysql-query 0.2.3 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Input plugin to execute mysql query and fetch rows. It is useful for stationary interval metrics measurement. 3405
nats fluent-plugin-nats 0.0.5 Eduardo Aceituno nats plugin for fluentd, an event collector 3287
cloudstack fluent-plugin-cloudstack 0.1.3 Yuichi UEMURA Fluentd input plugin to get usages and events from CloudStack API 3226
histogram fluent-plugin-histogram 0.2.4 Yusuke SHIMIZU Combine inputs data and make histogram which helps to detect a hotspot. 3159
redshift fluent-plugin-redshift 0.0.4 Masashi Miyazaki Amazon Redshift output plugin for Fluentd 3147
groupcounter fluent-plugin-groupcounter 0.2.3 Ryosuke IWANAGA, Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to count like SELECT COUNT(\*) GROUP BY 3138
hipchat fluent-plugin-hipchat 0.1.5 Yuichi Tateno fluent HipChat plugin 3120
twitter fluent-plugin-twitter 0.2.4 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Input/Output plugin to collect/process tweets with Twitter Streaming API. 3112
zmq fluent-plugin-zmq 0.0.3 OZAWA Tsuyoshi zmq plugin for fluent, an event collector 3061
resque fluent-plugin-resque 0.2.1 Yuichi Tateno Resque enqueue plugin 2946
hostname fluent-plugin-hostname 0.0.2 Tatsuya Fukata Fluentd plugin put the hostname in the data 2895
gamobile fluent-plugin-gamobile 0.2.2 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Output plugin to send access report with "Google Analytics for mobile". 2880
irc fluent-plugin-irc 0.0.5 OKUNO Akihiro Output plugin for IRC 2871
yohoushi fluent-plugin-yohoushi 0.1.3 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to post data to yohoushi 2868
hash-forward fluent-plugin-hash-forward 0.3.5 Ryosuke IWANAGA, Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to keep forwarding messsages of a specific tag pattern to a specific node 2849
resque_stat fluent-plugin-resque_stat 0.0.5 Spring_MT Fluent input plugin for Resque info 2839
jabber fluent-plugin-jabber 0.4.0 todesking Fluentd output plugin for XMPP(Jabber) protocol 2799
time_parser fluent-plugin-time_parser 0.0.6 Carlos Donderis, Michael H. Oshita Fluentd plugin to parse the time parameter. 2767
zabbix fluent-plugin-zabbix 0.0.2 FUJIWARA Shunichiro Output data plugin to Zabbix 2748
suppress fluent-plugin-suppress 0.0.4 FUJIWARA Shunichiro Fluentd plugin to suppress same messages 2698
mysql-replicator fluent-plugin-mysql-replicator 0.4.1 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd input plugin to track insert/update/delete event from MySQL database server. Not only that, it could multiple table replication and generate nested document for Elasticsearch/Solr. It's comming support replicate to another RDB/noSQL. 2660
filter fluent-plugin-filter 0.0.1 Muddy Dixon Simple output filter 2658
geoip fluent-plugin-geoip 0.1.1 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Output plugin to add information about geographical location of IP addresses with Maxmind GeoIP databases. 2619
redshift-kwarter fluent-plugin-redshift-kwarter 0.0.3 Masashi Miyazaki, Daniel Koepke Amazon Redshift output plugin for Fluentd (updated by Kwarter) 2563
http-status fluent-plugin-http-status 0.0.4 hiro-su Fluentd input plugin for to get the http status 2448
jvmwatcher fluent-plugin-jvmwatcher 0.1.5 MasayukiMiyake It is the input plugin of fluentd which collects the condition of Java VM. 2413
reassemble fluent-plugin-reassemble 0.0.8 moaikids Re-assemble a stream data for Fluentd... 2356
df fluent-plugin-df 0.0.6 tiwakawa Df input plugin for Fluent event collector 2353
select fluent-plugin-select Kohei Tomita fluent-plugin-select is the non-buffered plugin that can be filtered by ruby script. 2347
cassandra fluent-plugin-cassandra 0.0.2 Kazutaka Tomita Cassandra output plugin for Fluent event collector 2240
splunk fluent-plugin-splunk Abhishek Parolkar Splunk output plugin for Fluent event collector 2236
boundio fluent-plugin-boundio 0.1.1 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Output plugin to make a call with boundio by KDDI. This Multilingual speech synthesis system uses VoiceText. 2154
rds-slowlog fluent-plugin-rds-slowlog 0.0.5 kenjiskywalker Amazon RDS slow_log input plugin for Fluent event collector 2131
td-monitoring fluent-plugin-td-monitoring 0.1.1 Masahiro Nakagawa 2110
hbase fluent-plugin-hbase 0.1.2 KUOKA Yusuke HBase output plugin for Fluent event collector 2105
typecast fluent-plugin-typecast 0.1.2 MORIYA Taro typecast output plugin for fluentd 2076
ses fluent-plugin-ses 0.0.4 Spring_MT Fluent output plugin for AWS SES 2019
groonga fluent-plugin-groonga 1.0.3 Kouhei Sutou Groonga users can replicate their data by fluent-plugin-groonga 2016
amqp fluent-plugin-amqp 0.2.0 Hiromi Ishii, Team Giraffi, HiganWorks LLC AMQP input/output plugin for fluentd 2011
anonymizer fluent-plugin-anonymizer 0.2.1 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd filter output plugin to anonymize records with HMAC of MD5/SHA1/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512 algorithms. This data masking plugin protects privacy data such as UserID, Email, Phone number, IPv4/IPv6 address and so on. 1966
say fluent-plugin-say 0.1.1 Shimpei Makimoto Fluentd output plugin to say something by using 'say' command 1962
pgjson fluent-plugin-pgjson 0.0.4 OKUNO Akihiro 1945
websocket fluent-plugin-websocket 0.1.6 IZAWA Tetsu (@moccos) Fluentd websocket output plugin which can output JSON string or MessagePack binary to the clients. 1932
librato-metrics fluent-plugin-librato-metrics 0.2.3 Sadayuki Furuhashi Librato metrics output plugin for Fluent event collector 1912
uri_decoder fluent-plugin-uri_decoder 0.2.0 Yasuharu Ozaki Fluent plugin to decode uri encoded value. See more https://github.com/YasuOza/fluent-plugin-uri_decoder 1843
msgpack-rpc fluent-plugin-msgpack-rpc 0.3.0 Nobuyuki Kubota Input plugin for Fluent using MessagePack-RPC 1828
stats fluent-plugin-stats 0.3.4 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to calculate statistics such as sum, max, min, avg 1813
rds-log fluent-plugin-rds-log 0.1.3 shinsaka Amazon RDS slow_log and general_log input plugin for Fluent event collector 1754
cloudwatch_ya fluent-plugin-cloudwatch_ya 0.0.2 suz-lab Yet Another (Input/Output) Plugin for Amazon CloudWatch 1727
serialport fluent-plugin-serialport 0.0.2 MATSUMOTO Katsuyoshi fluentd plugin for serial port 1703
dbi fluent-plugin-dbi 0.0.3 TERAOKA Yoshinori fluentd output plugin using dbi. PostgreSQL and MySQL are tested 1678
out-http fluent-plugin-out-http 0.1.1 Marica Odagaki A generic Fluentd output plugin to send logs to an HTTP endpoint 1620
route fluent-plugin-route 0.1.2 TAGOMORI Satoshi, FURUHASHI Sadayuki This is copy of out_route.rb originally written by frsyuki 1613
gree_community fluent-plugin-gree_community 0.0.3 todesking Fluentd input plugin, source from GREE community 1593
reemit fluent-plugin-reemit 0.0.4 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to re-emit messages avoiding infinity match loop 1525
woothee fluent-plugin-woothee 0.1.0 TAGOMORI Satoshi parsing by Project Woothee. See https://github.com/tagomoris/woothee 1524
loggly fluent-plugin-loggly 0.0.4 Patrik Antonsson Fluentd pluging (fluentd.org) for output to loggly (loggly.com) 1495
droonga fluent-plugin-droonga 1.0.1 Droonga Project Droonga (distributed Groonga) plugin for Fluent event collector 1481
elapsed-time fluent-plugin-elapsed-time 0.0.5 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to measure elapsed time to process messages 1465
multiprocess fluent-plugin-multiprocess 0.1.0 Sadayuki Furuhashi Multiprocess agent plugin for Fluentd event collector 1414
referer-parser fluent-plugin-referer-parser 0.0.7 TAGOMORI Satoshi, HARUYAMA Seigo parsing by referer-parser. See: https://github.com/snowplow/referer-parser 1364
sndacs fluent-plugin-sndacs 0.0.3 Sparkle Sndacs output plugin for Fluent event collector 1360
access fluent-plugin-access 0.0.2 kkaneko filtreing access log 1353
redeliver fluent-plugin-redeliver 0.1.0 Masatoshi Kawazoe (acidlemon) simple tag-based redeliver plugin 1342
mysqlslowquerylog fluent-plugin-mysqlslowquerylog 0.0.2 Satoshi SUZUKI Fluentd plugin to concat MySQL slowquerylog. 1335
ruby-memory-usage-profiler fluent-plugin-ruby-memory-usage-profiler 0.0.4 TAGOMORI Satoshi Collect memory usage profile information and emit it (or output on fluentd log) 1326
couchbase fluent-plugin-couchbase 0.0.2 obie quelland Fluent output plugin for Couchbase 2.0 1321
resolv fluent-plugin-resolv 0.0.3 Kohei MATSUSHITA Fluent plugin, IP address resolv and rewrite. 1312
delay-inspector fluent-plugin-delay-inspector 0.0.3 TAGOMORI Satoshi Inspect delay of log, and emit it, or inject it into message itself with specified attribute name 1309
mixi_community fluent-plugin-mixi_community 0.0.3 todesking Fluentd input plugin, source from Mixi community 1247
riak fluent-plugin-riak 0.0.2 Kota UENISHI Riak plugin for Fluent event collector 1243
unique-counter fluent-plugin-unique-counter 0.1.3 Keiji Matsuzaki, Takesato This plugin is use of count up to unique attribute. 1215
sqlite3 fluent-plugin-sqlite3 0.1.0 Tomotaka Sakuma fluentd output to sqlite3 1212
file-sprintf fluent-plugin-file-sprintf 0.0.6 Hiroshi Toyama sprintf output file plugin for Fluentd. 1208
kibana-server fluent-plugin-kibana-server 0.0.2 OKUNO Akihiro Fluentd plugin which serves Kibana within fluentd process 1204
out-solr fluent-plugin-out-solr 0.0.7 diogo, pitr, haruyama Solr output plugin for Fluent event collector 1197
redshift-auto fluent-plugin-redshift-auto 1.0.1 Takashi Honda Amazon Redshift output plugin for Fluentd with creating table 1184
zabbix-simple fluent-plugin-zabbix-simple 1.0.0 NAKANO Hideo Output data plugin to Zabbix 1171
bigquery fluent-plugin-bigquery 0.0.6 TAGOMORI Satoshi Fluentd plugin to store data on Google BigQuery, by load, or by stream inserts 1164
mysql-bulk fluent-plugin-mysql-bulk 0.0.6 Hiroshi Toyama fluent plugin mysql bulk insert is high performance and on duplicate key update respond. 1153
config_pit fluent-plugin-config_pit 0.0.2 Naoya Ito This plugin provides directive for pit 1149
amqp2 fluent-plugin-amqp2 0.0.2 Augusto Becciu, Juan Manuel Barreneche AMQP output plugin for Fluent 1142
embedded-elasticsearch fluent-plugin-embedded-elasticsearch 0.0.2 kiyoto Fluentd plugin to serve ElasticSearch as a subprocess 1135
solr fluent-plugin-solr 0.1.1 Nobutaka Nakazawa Solr output plugin for Fluent event collector 1122
flatten-hash fluent-plugin-flatten-hash 0.0.3 Masahiro Sano A fluentd plugin to flatten nested hash structure as a flat record 1094
kafka fluent-plugin-kafka 0.0.5 Hidemasa Togashi Fluentd plugin for Apache Kafka > 0.8 1060
delayed fluent-plugin-delayed 0.0.1 Shuhei Tanuma Delayed output plugin for Fluent event collector 1060
pgdist fluent-plugin-pgdist 0.2.0 Kenji Hara Fluentd plugin for distribute insert into PostgreSQL 993
tagfile fluent-plugin-tagfile 0.0.1 taka84u9 Fluent output plugin to handle output directory by source host using events tag. 975
tail-ex-asis fluent-plugin-tail-ex-asis 0.1.5 Yoshihisa Tanaka Extended tail input plugin 963
gstore fluent-plugin-gstore 0.3.2 Tatsuo Ikeda Google Cloud Storage output plugin for the Fluent. 959
twittersearch fluent-plugin-twittersearch 0.0.3 Freddie Fujiwara twittersearch plugin for Fluentd 954
hekk_redshift fluent-plugin-hekk_redshift 0.0.5 Masashi Miyazaki Amazon Redshift output plugin for Fluentd 929
json-nest2flat fluent-plugin-json-nest2flat 0.0.4 Fukui ReTu Output filter plugin to convert to a flat structure the JSON that is nest 926
retag fluent-plugin-retag 0.0.1 Masahiro Yamauchi Output filter plugin to retag 915
unit-time-filter fluent-plugin-unit-time-filter 0.1.4 Genki Sugawara Plug-in to aggregate by unit time 907
mongokpi fluent-plugin-mongokpi 0.0.2 Hatayama Hideharu Fluent BufferedOutput plugin: counting chunk, inserting counts to make kpi count on MongoDB 902
werkzeug-profiler fluent-plugin-werkzeug-profiler 0.0.3 Kenta MORI Fluent input plugin for Werkzeug WSGI application profiler statistics. 879
event-tail fluent-plugin-event-tail 0.0.2 Mario Freitas fluentd input plugin derived from in_tail and inspired by in_forward for reading [tag, time, record] messages from a file 875
fnordmetric fluent-plugin-fnordmetric 0.0.1 Eduardo Aceituno fnordmetric plugin for fluent, an event collector 871
imkayac fluent-plugin-imkayac 0.0.1 FUJIWARA Shunichiro fluentd plugin output to im.kayac.com 865
jsonbucket fluent-plugin-jsonbucket 0.0.2 moaikids Fluentd plugin 864
filter_keys fluent-plugin-filter_keys 0.0.2 Kohei Hasegawa Fluentd plugin to filter if a specific key is present or not in event logs. 861
kanicounter fluent-plugin-kanicounter 0.0.1 tatsuhito kanicounter 857
dd fluent-plugin-dd 0.1.5 Genki Sugawara Output plugin for Datadog 850
tai64n_parser fluent-plugin-tai64n_parser 0.1.0 Akira Maeda, Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to parse the tai64n format log. 837
mixpanel fluent-plugin-mixpanel 0.0.5 Kazuyuki Honda Fluentd plugin to input/output event track data to mixpanel 813
sumologic fluent-plugin-sumologic 0.0.1 memorycraft fluent plugin for sumologic 808
redis-multi-type-counter fluent-plugin-redis-multi-type-counter 0.1.4 Jungtaek Lim fluent-plugin-redis-multi-type-counter is a fluent plugin to count-up/down redis keys, hash keys, zset keys 796
xymon fluent-plugin-xymon 0.0.1 bash0C7 Fluentd output plugin to post message to xymon 791
mongo-typed fluent-plugin-mongo-typed 0.1.0 MORIYA Taro Typed mongo output plugin 782
weather fluent-plugin-weather 0.0.1 Takatoshi Matsumoto Weather output plugin for Fluent 782
add fluent-plugin-add 0.0.3 yu yamada Output filter plugin to add messages 776
ganglia fluent-plugin-ganglia 0.0.2 Hiroshi Sakai Fluentd output plugin to ganglia 775
stats-notifier fluent-plugin-stats-notifier 0.0.4 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to calculate statistics and then thresholding 773
ec2-metadata fluent-plugin-ec2-metadata 0.0.4 SAKAMOTO Takumi Fluentd output plugin to add ec2 metadata fields to a event record 747
stdout-pp fluent-plugin-stdout-pp 0.0.2 Masahiro Sano A fluentd plugin to pretty print json with color to stdout 744
axlsx fluent-plugin-axlsx 0.0.1 MATSUMOTO Katsuyoshi fluentd output plugin for excel 744
rambler fluent-plugin-rambler 0.1.1 Keisuke Nishida Amazon S3 / Redshift output plugin for Fluentd event collector 741
flowcounter-simple fluent-plugin-flowcounter-simple 0.0.3 Naotoshi Seo Simple Fluentd Plugin to count number of messages and outputs to log 733
elasticsearch-ruby fluent-plugin-elasticsearch-ruby 0.0.3 Jon Fluent plugin for elasticsearch 732
sidekiq fluent-plugin-sidekiq 0.0.3 Alex Scarborough Sidekiq plugin for Fluentd 721
leftronic fluent-plugin-leftronic 0.0.4 toyama0919 Leftronic output plugin for Fluentd. 720
postgres fluent-plugin-postgres 0.0.1 TAGOMORI Satoshi, Diogo Terror, pitr fluent plugin to insert on PostgreSQL 707
conditional_filter fluent-plugin-conditional_filter 0.0.2 Kentaro Kuribayashi A fluent plugin that provides conditional filters 706
split fluent-plugin-split 0.0.3 Hiroshi Toyama Output Split String Plugin for fluentd 701
sql fluent-plugin-sql 0.2.2 Sadayuki Furuhashi SQL input/output plugin for Fluentd event collector 664
json-api fluent-plugin-json-api 0.0.2 Freddie Fujiwara json-api plugin for Fluentd 663
in-udp-event fluent-plugin-in-udp-event 0.0.2 Alexander Blagoev Event driven udp input plugin for fluentd 657
mobile-carrier fluent-plugin-mobile-carrier 0.0.4 HARUYAMA Seigo judge mobile carrier by ip address. 643
dummydata-producer fluent-plugin-dummydata-producer 0.0.2 TAGOMORI Satoshi Emits dummy data to do bench marks and other tests 643
watch-process fluent-plugin-watch-process 0.0.3 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Input plugin to collect continual process information via ps command. It is useful for cron/barch process monitoring. 640
rename-key fluent-plugin-rename-key 0.1.3 Shunwen Hsiao Fluentd Output filter plugin. It is designed to rename keys which match given patterns and assign new tags, and re-emit a record with the new tag. 636
http-list fluent-plugin-http-list 0.1.0 Paul McCann fluent plugin to accept multiple events in one HTTP request 626
idobata fluent-plugin-idobata 0.0.1 bash0C7 Fluentd output plugin to send data to idobata 623
convert-value-to-sha fluent-plugin-convert-value-to-sha 0.1.1 Keiji Matsuzaki This plugin is convert value to sha. 618
arango fluent-plugin-arango 0.0.1 tamtam180 ArangoDB plugin for Fluent event collector 615
rawexec fluent-plugin-rawexec 0.0.4 FangLi Execute user script with RAW message output plugin for Fluentd 612
opentsdb fluent-plugin-opentsdb 0.1.1 Emmet Murphy Fluentd plugin to graph fluent-plugin-numeric-monitor values in OpenTSDB 595
http-ex fluent-plugin-http-ex 0.0.2 hiro-su fluent plugin to accept multiple json/msgpack events in HTTP request 579
https-json fluent-plugin-https-json 0.0.1 Jay OConnor Fluentd output plugin to buffer logs as json arrays to a url 575
redis-publish fluent-plugin-redis-publish 0.1.1 Daisuke Murase fluent output plugin publishing logs to redis pub/sub 572
mysql-prepared-statement fluent-plugin-mysql-prepared-statement 0.0.3 Hiroshi Toyama fluent plugin mysql prepared statement 567
stathat fluent-plugin-stathat 0.0.1 f440 StatHat output plugin for Fluentd. 554
mysql-binlog fluent-plugin-mysql-binlog 0.0.2 IZUMIYA Hiroyuki MySQL Binlog input plugin for Fluentd event collector. 550
hato fluent-plugin-hato 0.0.1 Kentaro Kuribayashi A fluent plugin to send messages to Hato 544
tagdata fluent-plugin-tagdata 0.0.1 Fukui Masayuki Fluentd plugin to put the tag records in the data. 543
onlineuser fluent-plugin-onlineuser 0.0.1 Yuyang Lan Fluentd plugin to count online users. It's based on Redis and the sorted set data type. 528
twilio fluent-plugin-twilio 0.0.1 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd Output plugin to make a call with twilio. 525
zmq-pub fluent-plugin-zmq-pub 0.0.2 OGIBAYASHI Hironori 0MQ publisher plugin for fluentd 523
tail-lite fluent-plugin-tail-lite 0.0.1 OKUNO Akihiro Fluentd input plugin which read text files and emit each line as it is. 521
zoomdata fluent-plugin-zoomdata 0.0.1 Jun Ohtani Fluentd output plugin to post json to zoomdata 519
redislist fluent-plugin-redislist 0.0.1 Ken Santo Redis list type output plugin for Fluent 517
influxdb fluent-plugin-influxdb 0.1.2 FangLi InfluxDB output plugin for Fluentd 516
network-probe fluent-plugin-network-probe 0.1.0 Yuichi UEMURA Fluentd input plugin to probe network latency and keepalive, similar to smokeping 510
slack fluent-plugin-slack 0.1.1 Keisuke SOGAWA fluent Slack plugin 506
glusterfs fluent-plugin-glusterfs 1.0.0 Keisuke Takahashi Fluentd plugin for GlusterFS 501
aes-forward fluent-plugin-aes-forward 0.0.2 Keiji Matsuzaki fluent plugin aes forward 495
kinesis-alt fluent-plugin-kinesis-alt 0.0.2 Genki Sugawara Output filter plugin for Amazon Kinesis 492
combiner fluent-plugin-combiner 0.0.2 karahiyo Combine buffer output data to cut-down net-i/o load 491
sar fluent-plugin-sar 0.0.4 Hirotaka Tajiri Fluentd input plugin to get sar result 484
derive fluent-plugin-derive 0.0.2 Nobuhiro Nikushi fluentd plugin to derive rate 473
eval-filter fluent-plugin-eval-filter 0.0.2 Yuzuki Masaru Fluentd Output eval filter plugin. 470
redisstore fluent-plugin-redisstore 0.0.1 moaikids Redis(zset/set/list/string) output plugin for Fluentd... 470
jstat fluent-plugin-jstat 0.0.3 wukawa jstat input plugin for Fluent event collector 463
tagged_copy fluent-plugin-tagged_copy 0.0.2 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd out_copy extension to do tagging before copy 443
tailpath fluent-plugin-tailpath 0.0.2 Jacob Wirth Fluentd plugin to tail files and add the file path to the message 440
lossycount fluent-plugin-lossycount 0.0.1 moaikids Lossy count output plugin for Fluentd... 436
elb-log fluent-plugin-elb-log 0.0.4 shinsaka Amazon ELB log input plugin for fluentd 409
gc fluent-plugin-gc 0.0.2 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to disable GC and start GC at arbitrary interval 400
redoop fluent-plugin-redoop 0.0.2 Aaron Lunsford Redoop plugin for Fluentd. Publishes data to redis and redis pubsub 398
dashing fluent-plugin-dashing 0.0.0 bash0C7 Fluentd output plugin to post data to dashing 382
buffered-stdout fluent-plugin-buffered-stdout 0.0.2 TAGOMORI Satoshi Fluentd STDOUT output plugin with buffering, for buffer plugin tests only 380
tailer fluent-plugin-tailer 0.0.1 saber_chica Extend tail plugin to insert into head internal IP address or hostname 379
jubatus fluent-plugin-jubatus 0.0.1 MATSUMOTO Katsuyoshi Jubatus output plugin for fluentd 378
out-http-buffered fluent-plugin-out-http-buffered 0.0.1 Alexander Blagoev Send fluent buffered logs to an http endpoint 369
tag-ignore fluent-plugin-tag-ignore 0.0.1 Shota Fukumori (sora_h) Plugin for fluentd, this allows you to specify ignore patterns for match. 369
swift fluent-plugin-swift 0.0.2 yuuzi41 OpenStack Storage Service (Swift) output plugin for Fluentd event collector 365
graphite fluent-plugin-graphite 0.0.4 Satoshi SUZUKI fluentd output plugin to send metrics to graphite 365
vertica fluent-plugin-vertica 0.0.2 Erik Selin Fluentd output plugin for Vertica. 361
redis-pubsub fluent-plugin-redis-pubsub 0.0.1 Freddie Fujiwara redis-pubsub plugin for Fluentd 352
incremental fluent-plugin-incremental 0.0.1 toyama0919 numeric incremental output plugin for Fluentd. 340
measure_time fluent-plugin-measure_time 0.1.1 Naotoshi Seo Fluentd plugin to measure elapsed time to process messages 325
buffer-lightening fluent-plugin-buffer-lightening 0.0.1 TAGOMORI Satoshi Fluentd memory buffer plugin with many types of chunk limits 321
bufferize fluent-plugin-bufferize 0.0.1 Masahiro Sano A fluentd plugin that enhances existing non-buffered output plugin as buffered plugin. 320
rtf-dash fluent-plugin-rtf-dash 0.0.1 Aiming Inc. 293
amazon_sns fluent-plugin-amazon_sns 0.0.3 Tatsuhiko Miyagawa Fluent output plugin to send to Amazon SNS 279
format fluent-plugin-format 0.0.1 Akinori Machino Output plugin to format fields of records and re-emit them. 270
statsd fluent-plugin-statsd 1.0.1 Chris Song fluentd statsd plugin 252
yammer fluent-plugin-yammer 0.0.1 Shinohara Teruki Fluentd Output plugin to process yammer messages with Yammer API. 247
arduino fluent-plugin-arduino 0.0.1 futoase Arduino connect plugin. 246
buffered-hipchat fluent-plugin-buffered-hipchat 0.2.0 Keisuke SOGAWA fluent buffered HipChat plugin 240
riemann fluent-plugin-riemann 0.0.3 Will Farrell Riemann output plugin for Fluent 236
mqtt fluent-plugin-mqtt 0.0.3 Yuuna Kurita fluentd input plugin for mqtt server 235
tail-multiline-ex fluent-plugin-tail-multiline-ex 0.0.3 Yoshiharu Mori merge tail_ex and tail_multiline input plugin 233
data-rejecter fluent-plugin-data-rejecter 1.0.0 Hirotaka Tajiri Fluent plugin Output filer to reject key pair 230
tumblr fluent-plugin-tumblr 0.0.2 bash0C7 Fluentd output plugin to post entry to your tumblr 224
order fluent-plugin-order 0.0.1 Fukui ReTu Output filter plugin to rearrange the order of the elements 221
splunk-ex fluent-plugin-splunk-ex 1.0.2 Trevor Gattis Splunk output plugin for Fluent event collector. It supports reconnecting on socket failure as well as exporting the data as json or in key/value pairs 219
grassland fluent-plugin-grassland 0.0.2 Ripplation Inc. Output filter plugin for Grassland 219
imagefile fluent-plugin-imagefile 0.0.1 bash0C7 Output plugin to save image file from massages attribute value 218
rewriteimage fluent-plugin-rewriteimage 0.0.1 bash0C7 Output filter plugin to rewrite messages from image path(or URL) string to image data. 213
mssql fluent-plugin-mssql 0.0.1 Hidemasa Togashi Fluentd plugin to insert into Microsoft SQL Server. 209
sstp fluent-plugin-sstp 0.0.0 bash0C7 Fluentd output plugin to send server using Sakura Script Transfer Protocol(SSTP) 208
time-sliced-filter fluent-plugin-time-sliced-filter 0.1.0 Genki Sugawara TimeSlicedOutput Plugin to aggregate by unit time 201
heroku-syslog fluent-plugin-heroku-syslog 0.0.1 Kazuyuki Honda fluent plugin to drain heroku syslog 192
buffered-filter fluent-plugin-buffered-filter 0.1.0 Genki Sugawara Versatile filtering plugin 191
mecab fluent-plugin-mecab 0.0.1 MATSUMOTO Katsuyoshi fluentd plugin for MeCab 190
elasticsearch-cluster fluent-plugin-elasticsearch-cluster 0.1.0 HeartSaVioR ElasticSearch output plugin for Fluent event collector, based on fluent-plugin-elasticsearch, with support cluster 185
sentry fluent-plugin-sentry 0.0.1 Kentaro Yoshida Fluentd output plugin to send aggregated errors/exception events to sentry which are a realtime event logging and aggregation platform. 171
backlog fluent-plugin-backlog 0.0.1 Hiroshi Toyama output plugin for Backlog. 137
ftp fluent-plugin-ftp 0.0.1 Kazuki Ohta FTP input / output plugin for Fluentd data collector 134
tail_path fluent-plugin-tail_path 0.0.1 szhem, Naotoshi Seo Fluentd in_tail extension to add `path` field 100
unwind fluent-plugin-unwind 0.0.1 Sho SAWADA fluentd plugin: unwind array to multiple items 97
nginx-status fluent-plugin-nginx-status 1.0.0 Robert Pitt Nginx status page monitor for FleuntD 86
rss fluent-plugin-rss 0.0.1 harukasan Fluent input plugin to fetch RSS feed items. 70